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10 DIY Halloween Costumes Made From Cardboard Moving Boxes

Trying to think of good uses for those leftover moving boxes?  Well you can upcycle them into great DIY (Do it yourself) Halloween costumes!  Not only is this an affordable way to dress up for Halloween, but they can be adapted to fit any age as long as you have some old boxes and big imagination!  Check out some of these super creative and super easy designs…the possibilities are endless!

Slice of Pizza and Delivery Boy

Popcorn Kid

Let Go of My Lego

Cabbage Patch Kid

Paper Doll Dress Up

So instead of throwing those old moving boxes in the trash, why not give them a new use and new life as one of these very fun and creative costumes.  Not only are you helping to save the planet by reusing these boxes, but you’ll really enjoy making these costumes with your children and friends!  Have a Happy Halloween!  And don’t forget to contact Chavis Moving & Storage – – when it’s time for you move as we promise that with us your move won’t end up scary as we’re licensed, bonded and insured agents of Wheaton Moving Company serving the Southeast and elsewhere!

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