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10 Tips For A Successful Winter Move


Moving during the middle of winter can seem like a nightmare.  Most people would much rather be at home huddled under the covers than having to worry about a move.  But sometimes you just don’t have that luxury, and you have to move when you have to move.

Surprisingly moving during the winter can actually have an upside.  Since so many people choose to move during the warm months, your moving company will most likely not be as busy during the winter.  This means you may be able to enjoy a more flexible schedule, more personalized attention from your movers, and maybe even lower rates for their moving services.  However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when packing up and moving during the winter which can help make it not quite as painful as you would think.  So here are 10 Tips For A Successful Winter Move!


1.) Start Early

Since it gets dark much earlier in the winter than the summer months, you find yourself running out of daylight before you know it.  Take advantage of the daylight hours by packing early in the day so that you can call it a night fairly early before it gets too dark.  This will allow you to stay safe as you won’t have to worry about taking loads outside when it’s slippery and dark.  Not to mention, the temperature is much more pleasant during the day than at night in the winter.


2.) Keep Walkways Free from Snow and Ice

The last thing that you want to happen while moving is to slip and fall while you’re carrying a box of your fine China.  This is why it is imperative to keep your walkways free of snow and ice.  Walking on slippery walkways is dangerous to begin with, but it become even more dangerous when you’re loaded down with heavy boxes.  Be sure to keep the walkways free and clear of ice at both locations, the place you’re moving from and the place you’re moving to.


3.) Wear Layers

While you’re packing and transporting items to and from the truck, you’ll want to stay warm.  However you probably won’t want to wear a big bulky coat when you’ve got so much lifting and carrying to do.  Dressing in layers will help to stay warm without all the bulk.  Plus you can remove layers as you warm up from all the hard work!


4.) Check Your Car

Not only do you have to worry about the moving truck, but you also have to worry about your car making the trip to your new destination.  To make sure your car is ready for the trip, check your tire tread and air pressure as well as your engine fluids and other necessities to ensure a safe trip. Also stock your car with an emergency kit and plenty of blankets so that you can be somewhat safe and warm in case of an emergency.


5.) Keep Winter Supplies in the Car

When packing your winter supplies such as your windshield scraper, gloves, etc. be sure to put that box in the car and not in the back of the moving van where you can’t access them.  Consider tossing all of your winter supplies into one storage container and keep them someplace in your car that can be easily accessed if you need them.


6.) Keep an Eye on the Weather

You’ll want to start keeping an eye on the weather forecasts in the weeks and days before you move so that you can be prepared for whatever Mother Nature sends your way.  You may need to be flexible regarding your moving date and changing your plans if there is particularly bad weather coming your way during the move.  It could be dangerous to you and your crew to continue your move as planned.


7.) Have Warm Refreshments

If you’re moving and unpacking during cold weather, it’s almost essential to have something warm to drink for your you, your family, and crew.  Consider packing your coffee maker and supplies last so that you can make coffee, or us a slow cooker to keep a batch of hot cocoa or apple cider on hand.  And you can always use disposable coffee cups if you’ve already packed away all of your mugs.


8.) Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional to assist you with moving is always a smart idea, but it can be essential when you’re moving during winter months.  If you’ve never driven a moving truck before, driving one might turn out to be more challenging that you think.  Even more so, if you’re going to be driving during snowy and icy conditions.  A professional mover will be much better equipped and experienced in driving the truck in winter weather conditions.


9.) Take Precautions in the House

Most likely if there is inclement weather, you will be tracking in snow and ice into your old and new residence during moving.  It’s worth considering investing in carpet remnants to throw down in a path through each house.  If you have extra cardboard boxes lying around, you can break them open and lay them flat on the floor as well.  This will help keep some of the mess under control, and hopefully provide some traction on slippery floors as well.


10.) Protect Your Possessions

Extreme temperatures can damage more items than you probably think.  Your plates and glasses can crack when exposed to extreme temperatures, as well as your snow covered boxes can cause the contents to get soaking wet when it melts.  The last thing you want to deal with when you arrive and your new home are a bunch of broken and damaged items.


The idea of moving during the cold winter months can be pretty daunting.  However, if you and your family need to relocate during that time of year, you have little choice.  Luckily, you can help your winter move go much more smoothly int you follow these helpful wintertime moving tips.  That way it will be no time at all before you can snuggle up in the warmth and coziness of your new home.  We at Chavis Moving and Storage are here to help you with your move not matter what the weather.  So feel free to contact us at anytime to book your next move!

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