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Moving Supplies – What You Need

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So your big move is approaching fast, and you need to start getting things packed up so Chavis Moving and Storage can get your items loaded onto the truck.  Well what exactly do you need to get everything packed up and ready?  We’ll here are some suggestions to help you get all you need to be packed and ready when it’s time to load up!

  • Boxes – You’ll need plenty of these!  And if you buy them it can get expensive.  So if you’d like to save a few bucks you can get them from grocery or liquor stores.  But as you know, all that running around can take up a lot of time and gas.  So if you want to save on gas and time, let Chavis help you with your boxing and supplies!  We also carry specialty boxes for artwork, mattresses, and more.
    • Paper or Newsprint – This is a very good and affordable way to help protect your items.  And not to mention it’s good to repurpose old newspapers instead of just tossing them in the trash.  Then once you’re done with your move you can put all your old newsprint and paper into the moving boxes to take it all to recycling.  Move accomplished and you helped the environment too!
      • Foam or Bubble Wrap – This is a must have for any move as it provides cushion between packed items within the boxes.  And not to mention, when you’re done it’s loads of fun to pop the bubble wrap!
        • Stretch Wrap or Industrial Plastic Wrap – Using plastics wraps can help protect surfaces from soil, scratches, etc. and help to keep items packed together such as table legs, poles, and more.
          • Inflatable bags – These are great to fill up empty spaces in boxes and for emergency naps.
            • Peanuts – oWe all have a love hate relationship with peanuts.  While they are a packing necessity, those little buggers can be quite a pain to clean up in you have a spill!
              • Labels and Labeling – If you’ve moved before you know how much of a pain and disaster it can be going thru boxes that aren’t labels with contents or which end is up.  So we suggest either printing labels such as “This End Up”, “Fragile”, “Kitchen”, etc.  If that is too organized, at least do yourself this favor and buy some Sharpies to write this info on the box.  You’ll be glad you did!
                • Box cutter: You most likely won’t really need this until the unpacking portion, but it can come in handy for cutting foam, tape, and more.

                So this is just a few helpful suggestions to make your move a little easier, and if you want to make your move a breeze then just contact us here at Chavis Moving and Storage and we can make your move a dream!



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