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Packing Dishes

Packing Dishes

5 Things You should know about Packing Dishes Safely

Whether you are moving down the street, across town or to the other side of the country, packing up and moving is a daunting task for anyone.  Our customers worry the most about their precious family heirlooms such as china, glassware, and collectibles.   Well, we’re here to offer some helpful advice on packing dishes.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably gathered a box, newspaper and just started wrapping them in newspaper and putting them in the box until its full.  While this may get the work done, you still worry about those items until you’ve opened the box at your destination.  Some of you might even put the box in your own vehicle to ensure they are handled safely.  Sound familiar anyone?

Well, a wise person once said the best way to learn how to do something is from the professionals that do it everyday.  At Chavis Moving & Storage, we have learned that packing dishes haphazardly wrapped and stuffed in a box is just a recipe for disaster.  Here’s five quick tips to ensure your plates and dishes get their safely.

#1 – No Lying Down on the Job

When packing plates and dishes, never stack them laying flat.  Plates when stacked on their side in travel well together.  If a heavier box happens to be stacked on top, the plates lying on their side can withstand the pressure better.

#2 – Throw in the Towel

Quitting already?  No, we don’t mean to quit yet.  A great way to save on packing materials is to wrap your plates in dishes in your hand towels.  They’ll probably give that extra cushioning you need and you won’t have to buy any paper for these boxes.

#3 – Like with Like

Items of similar size, shape and weight is a huge space saver during packing.  Wrap coffee cups with extra paper to protect the handles.  Keeping similar things together will make unpacking easier on everyone.

#4 – Keeping It Together

Whenever you can, tape a small item to a larger piece so it won’t get lost.  It’s so heartbreaking to get there and find you’ve lost the lid to your grandmother’s china teapot that’s 50 years old.  Wrap up each item in some colorful tissue paper or something that stands out and then tape them to each other.  The colored paper will also make these items stand out so they won’t accidentally get thrown out unpacking.

#5 – Tag Me! 

I’m sure we’ve all seen on TV where someone has just moved and they have a house full of boxes and have no idea whats in them right?   As a professional mover, we take this seriously.  We have to know how to handle the box in transit so labeling is required.  At the very least, we like to identify the contents and the destination.  If you want to go a step further you could even color code the boxes with colorful duck tape. As long as you know your system.  Have fun with it!

Well, we hope that these 5 quick tips will help you with packing dishes safely.  Before you really do throw in the towel and call it quits, on your next move, give us a call.  All of us at Chavis Moving and Storage would love to help you with your next move.


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