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Tips On Keeping Cool When Moving in the Heat

Moving in the heat Chavis Moving and Storage

Relocating in particularly hot weather can be a hard work and a pretty miserable chore. So staying cool is vital for both you and your moving company. Here are some tips on how to beat the heat during a move.

Personal Protection
If you find out that you are moving during a heat wave or hot summer months the first thing is not to panic. If you get even more stressed out you could be punishing yourself with higher blood pressure and headaches. On the day of your move remember to dress appropriately for the conditions.  We recommend loose-fitting white or light colored garments, a hat with a generous brim to protect your head and face, and be sure to use sunscreen on all your exposed skin.

Timing and Hydration
Try to accomplish the bulk of the moving, out and in, during the cooler hours of the morning. The day is always hottest between the hours of 10am and 4pm so it is best to remain in the shade or indoors during these hours. Be sure to stay hydrated and try to drink water instead of sodas or other sugary drinks.  Dehydration can be as dangerous as sun stroke.

Protect your Belongings
When moving during hot weather be sure to keep your packed belongings and possessions out of direct sunlight for as much as possible. Sunshine falling directly onto a box can easily increase the internal temperature much higher than the atmospheric temperature.  This could melt the contents in the box and damage your items.

Protect your Animals and Plants
Everyone, pets and plants included, love a little sun.  But on a hot moving day it is necessary to keep an eye on both your furry friends and your houseplants.  Be sure that they have plenty of water, and are kept in the shade. Plants should be generously watered in the cool of the morning before the move.

It may be difficult, but try to make your move during hot weather as much fun as possible. This can be accomplished if you just think sensibly and keep calm. If using a car during your move to a new home make sure you keep it in the shade with windows down to let air flow through. If your car has air conditioning run it before getting in to drive – with the windows up of course!

Hopefully this will help you to beat the heat during your move and help you get to your new home cool and collected.  And don’t forget to call Chavis Moving and Storage, Myrtle Beach’s best movers, to help make your move even cooler!

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