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Tips on Moving with Small Children

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Here’s some simple tips to help moving with kids much easier and enjoyable for you and them.
Spread Out – If you are moving locally, see if you can get access your new house a few days early. Having that extra time will allow you to move room by room which is much better than trying to sort out a ton of boxes. This makes for a much easier transition for the littlest members of your family as well as the grown-ups too.
Babysitters and Family – Pick your kid’s favorite people and friends and have them watch them for a play date extravaganza week. This will be a life saver as trying to do anything on a schedule with kids is near impossible. Also don’t forget to enlist helpers for after the move.  You’ll really need the time to get settled and make your space feel like home.
Give Everyone a Job – Sit down and make a check list with your kids listing the things most important to them to assure them those things will make the move and not be left behind. Pack up their special box from the check list with them so they know their favorite things will not be left behind.  Also give kids simple jobs to keep them feeling that they are part of the decision to move, and call family meetings to check-in with each member about how things are going with their lists.
Make Connections –  Get out and introduce yourself to your neighbors on the block or floor as soon as you can. Knowing your neighbors is the best way to get the lay of the land and get an extra hand with your move if needed.
Art of Moving – Big brown moving boxes make a great canvas and a popular toy.  Break out the markers and let the kids go to crazy coloring and making their own playhouse out of discarded boxes.  This will leave them with fond memories of the move and give them something to look forward to if they ever have to move again.
And when you get ready for that move, call us at Chavis Moving and Storage as we’re happy to help you with all your moving needs!

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