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Uh Oh! Your Furniture Won’t Fit!

So you’re making your big move, and there’s been plenty of details to consider before making your move. One of the many details you have to deal with is your furniture. Upon your move you’ll need to know if your furniture will fit through the entryways and doors of your home.  This seems to be a minor detail that people always tend to forget when it comes to the moving process. However overlooking such a thing will cost you money and cause you a headache.  So take a look at the advice that we at Chavis Moving and Storage – – have to give for planned ahead and what to do if furniture will not fit!

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You’ll need to know the size of your furniture first before moving it so take measurements.  Then take measurements of the doors, windows, halls and corridors of your current place and of the new home that will be be moving to.  You will have to see if the furniture will be able to leave your current home before it departs for your new home or apartment. Is there a particular route which your furniture will have to take in order to get out your old home and into your new home?  These are things you’ll need to know.  Here are some of the many options if your furniture will not pass through doors and windows.

  • It can be dismantled and reassembled once inside, use rigging services, stored, or buy new furniture.
  • If your furniture be dismantled you will need to find the specialists to do it.  Chavis Moving and Storage offers such services and have experts that can safely do this job. We come with the tools that are needed so you won’t have to take the time to do it.
  • If your furniture cannot be dismantled you can always leave it.  As a last resort, you can just get rid of such large furniture.  You can sell it, donate it, or just give it away.  Whichever you prefer. It may not seem ideal at first, but this can be an opportunity for you to get new things.
  • Another option is that you can just leave some things in storage for use later.  If you are not really sure what to do with them just yet so sometimes it’s best to just put things in storage.  In certain cases you may need an item until the moving day so it is not possible to sell it earlier, and often there are many items that you don’t need at first upon your move so often the best option can be a short term storage unit lease.

Whichever services you decide to use you should inform yourself of the cost of it. Get a quote in order to find out what it will cost you to move your furniture, to have it dismantled, or to store it.  We at Chavis Moving and Storage can help you with all of them and give you the best price too boot!  So be sure to contact us first to save yourself time and money!

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