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When Are The Best Times To Move?

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Sometimes when you move is just as important as how you move.  So with that in mind, we at Chavis Moving and Storage – –  have compiled some information to assist you in this process.

The Best Time of Day to Move – Early Morning
This is good news for those of you that are early birds, but probably not the best news for you night owls.  Most professional moving companies will want to arrive and get your move started in the morning usually within and 8am-10am timeframe.  Early morning usually means that is slightly cooler conditions which is especially important in warmer climates such as Myrtle Beach, SC where Chavis Moving and Storage do much of their service.  Not only do you beat the heat by moving early, you also have more energy in the mornings, and it gives you more time to unpack and organize in the afternoon once your move is completed.

The Best Days of the Week to Move – Weekdays (Monday – Thursday)
When choosing a move date, it’s best to pick a weekday. Many moving companies like our parent company, Wheaton World Wide Moving, suggest moving during the week as there is less demand which in-turn will lower your costs as there is higher demand on the weekends so using a moving company can be more expensive on Friday through Sunday.  And moving during the week allows you weekend to unpack and get organized before the following work week.

The Best Weeks of the Month – Middle of the Month
We at Chavis recommend planning a mid-month move over moving at the beginning or end of the month.  The demand for moving is lower in the middle of the month vs the beginning or end of the month, so your cost to move during those two weeks are less.  As a general rule the beginning of the month is usually busier for movers as that is when most leases begin.

The Best Months of the Year – September through April
If by “best” you mean “most cost effective,” then you will definitely save more by moving between September and April.  Demand for movers is less during this time so the cost is less as well.  Peak season for moving is between Memorial Day and Labor Day with roughly 70% of moves occurring during this time.  The reason for this is that families with children tend to move during the summer months to avoid any disturbances in the school year.  Also depending on where you are moving to or from, the weather can be much better.  Also college students usually move in early fall and late spring since this is when many of their leases begin and end.

So hopefully these are some helpful hints and tips that will help with you move.  And when you need assistance moving in Myrtle Beach or the surrounding areas, please feel free to contact us at Chavis Moving and Storage as we are your number one movers along the Grand Strand!


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